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Out and About With the Soils Technician

Ashley Dene Farm is a research farm 15km east of Lincoln, owned by Lincoln University for over a hundred years. Last year (2016), a research and development station was created on the site and is used by Lincoln Hub partners for agricultural research. These include Landcare Research, AgResearch, DairyNZ, Lincoln University, and Plant & Food Research. Graeme Rogers… Continue reading Out and About With the Soils Technician


New Techniques for eDNA Detection

Yesterday and today I have been lucky enough to be offered a chance to work with Carina Davis, a molecular technician in the GEM Lab (an amalgamation of the Gamete, Ecotoxicology & Molecular Laboratories). Carina specialises in "new technologies", and she often works with detecting environmental DNA (eDNA) - the DNA, or fragments of, that… Continue reading New Techniques for eDNA Detection