What Puts the Pseudo in Pseudoteaching?

Really interesting concept – pseudoteaching. I fear I have been very much guilty of this by using multimedia in my lessons, and assuming that it helps ALL students understand scientific ideas better. However, it appears that if a student wrongly believes that they understand, watching a video merely reinforces their misconception.


Today we have a guest post from Derek Muller, a physics educator who runs the science video blog Veritasium.  Derek is @veritasium on Twitter.

I have made some great pseudoteaching – but it was all in the name of research, let me assure you.

My interests in physics, education, and film converged in a doctoral dissertation at the University of Sydney starting in 2004. Since nearly all forms of education involve multimedia presentations in some form (e.g. a lecture with pictures, an illustrated text, an animation with narration, etc.), I proposed that, by studying this confined unit, we can learn some of the fundamental mechanics of teaching and learning which are at play in broader contexts. My central research question was:  how does one design effective multimedia to teach physics?

I made an eight-minute video on Newton’s First and Second Laws and it had all the hallmarks of…

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Starting the journey into EdTech

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Pseudoscience and Clickbait

There are a great number of truly fabulous blogs and websites out there. A wealth of information on scientific issues and, alarmingly, more than a few that insist on pushing pseudoscience to the ill-informed. My pet hate is "clickbait", the irritating habit that some website "authors" (and I use that term loosely) employ to entice people… Continue reading Pseudoscience and Clickbait